As well as offering help and guidance to people who come to us with their problems, Citizens Advice campaigns for changes in policies and practices that will prevent people’s problems from happening in the first place. We use the experiences of our clients to influence policymakers, local councils, service providers and others.


We have seen the problems caused to our clients by high fuel bills, so every year we organise a ‘Big Energy Savings Week’ when we encourage people to take steps to reduce the cost of their gas and electricity supplies. At the same time, we are campaigning for changes to the energy market to make it fairer for consumers.


Our clients tell us about the distress caused by financial scams, particularly when the victim is a vulnerable older person, so we campaign to raise awareness about the risk of losing your money to fraudsters.

We know from our clients that many renters live in poor quality housing, so we campaign for changes in the law to protect tenants against unscrupulous landlords.


These are just examples of the campaigning work that we do. If you want to know more, click on the newspaper and you will be taken to the national Citizens Advice website (opens in a separate tab).


If you believe you, or a relative or friend, have been affected by any of these issues, or are at risk, you can come to talk to us at one of our four local offices. Click here for opening times and addresses.